Our Team

Director and owner, Michelle Powell, had her longtime dream come true when the doors of Sea The Future Learning Center opened in 2017. Every day is an adventure!
Assistant Director, Colleen Moretti is a longtime friend and partner in crime of Michelle's through many years of teaching and together they make quite the dream team. 
Ms. Jess & Ms. Brooke
Ms. Lisa, Ms. Ashley & Ms. Abby
Ms. Laura, Ms. Taylor & Ms. Jules

Lead Guppies teacher, Ms. Jess has been at Sea The Future since the doors opened. She is an integral part of our team and the face of our Parents Night Out program. She always has a smile on her face and enjoys shaping the minds of our youngest friends.

Ms. Brooke is working towards a degree in early education and is a jack of all trades. In her spare time she teaches dance, swim and gymnastics in the early ages. She always offers a friendly face, compassion and patience with our little ones.

Lead Starfish teacher, Ms. Lisa (not pictured) has been a certified teacher for 20+ years and has enjoyed specializing in the Preschool ages. She is the lead teacher of our Starfish program and is very passionate about building the foundations of learning. She has been with Sea The Future for the last three years and can always be seen encouraging her students.

Ms. Ashley is a loving mother and long time Sea The Future parent, turned employee. She works closely with Ms. Lisa to ensure our Starfish have the best, most productive days.

Ms. Abby is a student at Stockton University,  pursuing a degree in early education. Under Ms. Lisa's wing, they work effortlessly as a team to ensure our Starfish have the best, most productive days.

Head Teacher, Ms. Laura is in her 4th year of teaching at Sea The Future. She earned her Bachelors Degree from Rutgers University and is the lead teacher of our pre-kindergarten program. Her passion for education and fun-loving spirt create the perfect cocktail for a play-based learning environment.

Ms. Taylor, in her last year at Stockton University works side by side with Ms. Laura to create a learning environment that is fun, safe, exploratory and hands on. 

Ms. Jules comes to us from the University of Delaware and works closely with our Sea Turtles team to create a fun, safe and exploratory learning environment. 

Extra Hands

Ms. Jodi

Ms. Jodi works part time providing extra support around the school. She is new to us this year but has been a fabulous addition to our team.

Ms. Connie & Ms. Helen

Ms. Connie and Ms. Helen are part of our aftercare program. When the school day is done, you can find them on the playground making sure all of our little friends are safe and enjoying their free time before pick up.